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Reimagining the “impossible”  to deliver possibility for all.

Inspired from the beginning.

Vividion was built upon decades-long research by our founders who envisioned a world where if you become sick there is a treatment for your disease. We have built Vividion on that premise and continue to believe that people are unique and their medicine should be too.

Meet the Leadership Team

Executive Leadership


Board Members

Scientific Founders

Aleksandra Rizo

Jenna Goldberg

Matt Patricelli

Jean Bemis

Gerry Hernandez

Lisa Percival

Laurie Sherman

Alexis McWilliams

Phil Worboys

Brian Cook

Wendy Hu

Maurice Marsini

Rick Pagliery

Gabe Simon

David Weinstein

Jeff Hatfield

Stefan Oelrich

Christoph Bertram

Benjamin F. Cravatt

Thomas O. Daniel

Richard Heyman

Olivier Mauroy-Bressier

Aleksandra Rizo

Christian Rommel

Christine Roth

Benjamin F. Cravatt

Phil S. Baran

Jin-Quan Yu

Advisory Board

We’re hiring! Come work with a passionate team, pushing the boundaries of what small molecules are capable of.