Our Programs

The discovery of druggable pockets on disease-related proteins increases as our covalent chemistry-based library of small molecules expands. Altogether, our platform has enabled us to identify hundreds of previously unknown or cryptic functional pockets on well-validated protein targets implicated in a wide range of oncologic and immunologic diseases, while simultaneously identifying compounds from our proprietary covalent chemistry library that interact in a highly selective manner with those pockets. Our approach allows us to diversify our drug development efforts across multiple modalities, including allosteric activators and inhibitors, protein stabilizers, protein-protein interaction, or PPI, inhibitors and protein degraders.

Leveraging our team’s chemistry, biology and drug development expertise, we are advancing a deep and diversified pipeline of highly selective small molecule therapeutics targeting high value disease-causing proteins in oncology and immunology. Our lead programs target a key transcription factor, NRF2, along the KEAP1-NRF2 axis, for which we own world-wide rights. We are advancing our NRF2 programs for the potential treatment of NRF2 mutant cancers, as well as inflammatory diseases, including irritable bowel disease and chronic kidney disease.

In addition to our NRF2 program, we are evaluating a second program targeting an undisclosed transcription factor that we are advancing in collaboration with Bristol-Myers Squibb for inflammatory diseases and cancer.

We are also developing programs against other high value targets known to drive cancer and immune disease. Although we are currently focused on oncology and immunologic diseases, our internal capabilities provide a clear opportunity to expand into other disease areas of high unmet need in the future.